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ughhh i’m trying so hard to be patient and upbeat about shit but my rheumatologist was just like “i dunno, the bloodwork was eh” and then my neurologist was like “uh we still can’t decide if that lesion on your mri looks suspicious so let’s do a spinal tap” and i’m like i literally do not know what you people are looking for right now

every test says “something’s wrong with you, maybe? nothing overtly horrific, but something? we don’t know what?” and i feel like a total freak thinking i’d welcome a terrible diagnosis right now just to move forward

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"any universe in which sherlock slept with irene" I’m glad we’re in agreement. Irene’s kind of a pain. Shut up, possible sexual predator and stop being so damn creepy.

AH BLESS actually i think this is the one thing i do not like no matter how well done it is (unless it’s an au in which irene is not a complete creep, i guess)

i’ve said it before, but dammit, i will keep saying it - pretend irene is a male character who blackmails people he’s slept with; sexually harrasses, drugs, and breaks into the home of a woman who has repeatedly told him no; and at the end he’s supposed to be redeemed because, oh, he actually did love her and wasn’t just playing her like all the others

you all would have burned moffatt’s house down with pitchforks

This list is almost a complete inversion of what mine would be. But it’s okay, I still love you and your weird kinks. :P

aww i love you too! that’s what makes this fandom spectacular, the fact that we can all get along despite our varying tastes in pornography <3

Fave Tropes and Nope Tropes

I was tagged by wearitcounts​!

uhhhh most of what i like is super embarrassing to the general public and that is why all my bookmarks are private but what the hell

Fave Tropes

  • doctor/patient or general injury, illness, hurt/comfort kinda stuff mumble mumble i have a huge medical kink mumble
  • omegaverse: is it super dirty and offensively cliche? do they have a baby for no particular reason? i’m on it
  • parentlock, fluffy family life
  • sherlock being a big virgin baby who’s excited to experiment and learn stuff
  • serious dirty talk, do not come at me with with this pg-13 shit

Nope Tropes

  • these are not like “ew don’t write them” because whatever floats your boat is a-ok, it’s just “doesn’t really interest me”
  • but actually none of this are dealbreakers, i can’t think of anything i won’t at least give a shot to, they just have to be super amazing to get my interest
  • most historical aus (she says, after just having raved about one)
  • vampires, werewolves, zombies
  • asexual sherlock
  • crossovers with stuff i don’t know
  • any universe in which sherlock slept with irene
yes darling i am absolutely still taking photos of your form and have not at all switched to the front facing camera and started pretending to be tyra banks

yes darling i am absolutely still taking photos of your form and have not at all switched to the front facing camera and started pretending to be tyra banks






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why does the upper left corner keep saying obama

One of them has Massachusetts labeled as “more taxes”

And considering people have nicknamed the state “Taxachusetts”

I’m marking it correct

I fucking lost it at “North square, middle square, east square, west square, south square.” Fuck, might as well be. 

"why does the upper left corner keep saying obama"


i mean it’s the wrong washington but they’re wrong in a way that still demonstrates better critical thinking than this

misa-nthropy asked
Btw, I showed my husband your picture and he's like, "I don't even feel bad now." To which I respond, "Do you still feel bad that you once said you'd drop me like a hot brick if Cortana was a real person?" So you absolved him of some guilt, but there's years of material I'm working with.

HAHA nice

that’s okay, i was recently upset that i make no money and cried, “i’m so useless” and my husband absentmindedly said “that’s okay, i don’t mind” so i’m gonna make him work that one off for a while


My husband just turned to me and said, “Sorry I played Guitar Hero so much during our Wedding Reception.”

That’s it. That sums up our entire relationship. 


i had to say the same thing to my husband