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"The person who developed this is slightly smarter than me… slightly."

but a whole lot smarter than the writers of this movie, who said that she was born in 1986 and also used to be a soviet spy for the kgb

you know, the kgb that collapsed in 1991 along with rest of the soviet union

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okay but we’re always talking about the look sherlock gets when john listens to all his deductions and compliments him on how smart he is

can we talk about the look on his face when john doesn’t want to hear it and calls him thick

he’s a kicked puppy

i’m not saying i was looking up steve/bucky fic on my phone during the end credits i’m just saying i was intently focused on a simple information search and i somehow didn’t notice until i got home that i put my shoes back on the wrong feet

swedish massage is basically fight club without hitting back

once a month i relieve stress by going into a darkened room, taking off my shirt, and letting a stranger beat the shit out of me



genetics, man

For a guy who’s not supposed to be gay sure is interesting that he addresses an attractive woman like his mother talks to an irritating child

scolds an imaginary attractive woman for appearing in his own head exactly the way his mom scolds his brother for being annoying, even

also now i would shove martin freeman down on a bed and sit on his fast sO FAST

okay, i never had a problem there, i found an old livejournal entry from 2005 discussing the things i wanted to do to that man

in solidarity i confess that my first view of sherlock s1 i thought “damn, it’s a shame the only hot ones are that cop and the bad guy” oh how young and naive i was…

/bumps fist in solidarity

cumberbatch is an acquired taste

we have fancy appetites now

hahaha surprisingly okay… an ex rec’d me sherlock, said it’d be “fun!” anD LET ME TELL YOU THIS IS NOT THE SORT OF FUN I WAS EXPECTING legit called him at the end of TRF screaming at him “HOW COULD YOU”


like i said before, i had a friend who knew i would become obsessed with it but i refused for so long because i hated benedict cumberbatch’s face oh jesus how times have changed

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Man, I read the books and I can’t keep anyone straight. Boromir dies, Tyrion’s awesome, Shagga likes axes. Other than that, I just watch it for the blood ‘n boobs.

okay i’m so glad that someone who’s read the books can’t keep people straight either, because i figured it was just because i hadn’t

i’m like “okay, filch is the one who is pissed about marrying off his ugly daughters, right? and charlie bucket’s dad hacked off prince charming’s hand”

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i know GoT is supposed to be so amazing but i can’t even watch Happy Gilmore without crying bc they’re mean to old people so i’m p sure GoT is right out for me


well, i don’t know if you’d like it, but bloody violent epics are really not up my alley and i’m enjoying it fine

it’s like they’re so mean and violent and bloody to everyone at every moment of this show it’s desensitizing, you almost can’t be bothered by it - i think i’ve cried once in three seasons (and it wasn’t when you’d think)