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i love you for making me laugh this hard

i shouldn’t have laughed because i felt so terrible for her, but i lost my shit when i lugged her out of the car and she just stood there kind of womp-legged and then fell over like a cheap tent

get your shit together, dog, act you’ve been high before

today my dog got incredibly stoned on painkillers and stared at her own reflection in the glass door for several minutes

today my dog got incredibly stoned on painkillers and stared at her own reflection in the glass door for several minutes

residentbunburyist replied to your post: visualeyesed replied to your post “ugh…

hehee… that might very well be doable. (and if not, I’ll totally find something else. Either way, I’ll have you a silly crossover drawing before the week is out.)

visualeyesed replied to your post “ugh guys help i’m so exhausted, please tell me something to cheer me…”

I fail at either one, so you just get a virtual hug. (>^^)> I hope you feel better soon dude.

/hug thank you! <3

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Ouch, feel better! Not sure if this is funny (or it’s only funny to me) but Star Wars: The Clone Wars is surprisingly dark considering it’s a CGI-animated show about Star Wars. Also, all the clone troopers are surprisingly bitchy, but in a good way.

lol nice! i should totally watch that show, my nephews are all about it and i usually have the taste of a seven-year-old boy

(when i lost the oldest one at city museum an older lady offered to help me look for him and she asked what he was wearing and i said “a clone wars t-shirt” before realizing every boy his age in the whole place had on a clone wars t-shirt)

residentbunburyist replied to your post “ugh guys help i’m so exhausted, please tell me something to cheer me…”

:( I’m sorry! That sounds awful… I can’t do much to help with actual problems, but I bet that if you give me a Sherlocked Development prompt I could try to draw something nice for you to try to cheer you up…?
(EDIT: how the hell did tumblr eat the end of my post replying to this while keeping the rest)
OMG, so you certainly don’t HAVE to, but if you WANT to, that would be amazing :)
one idea i’ve had kicking around, like if i could draw, is john calling sherlock a machine mashed up with buster’s breakdown in the immaculate election - like the roomba coming out from under the bed suggestively and sherlock with his hook hand like “what do you expect, I’M A MACHINE” and going apeshit all “I’M A MONSTEEEEER” and john just like “/lucille face”
but seriously, anything you’d like to draw, if you want to at all, would be perfection <3

ugh guys help i’m so exhausted, please tell me something to cheer me up

i thought this “hey you have a shitty back and like no vitamins” thing was going to be the end of it but since then i’ve gotten kicked from doctor to doctor and test to test with an ever-increasing diagnosis of “well…huh…that’s weird…” and today i spent four hours at the clinic getting pumped full of this and drained of that and i felt fine going in and like shit coming out

and now i have weekend guests arriving in 45 minutes and i could not possibly feel less like entertaining anyone please just tell me something funny or pornographic to get me through tonight, anything



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oneveryexit asked
Thank you for your comments on that Martin Freeman interview!! They are perfect and are exactly what people need to get through their heads. Well done, you!

awww thank you!

i mean really, all i’ve seen outside of fandom since the announcements of richard iii and hamlet is basically “ugh now all the sherlock fangirls are gonna get into shakespeare, i liked him first, he used to be so cool and underground now he’s a sellout”

and i’m like


Martin’s comments on fans ‘ruining’ Richard III

can i just say how freaking important this answer is to me?

because i actually didn’t care whether it did or didn’t happen - although it’s quite clear now that it did not - but i am so fucking sick of people who make up shit like this to shame fangirls

like snobs who are all “waaaah you only went to this show because you liked him in sherlock” oh i’m sorry i didn’t realize there’s a wrong reason for enjoying a night of professional shakespeare, i guess i’m only qualified to play mario kart

"how dare you clap and cheer" so for a cultured person you don’t know shit about the way shakespeare was originally performed do you

why don’t you just say what you really mean, which is “i think i’m better than you because our enjoyment of the same thing is derived from a different root, and also i have a cactus up my ass”

loudest-subtext-in-television replied to your post: is anyone else weirded out when people…

lol it’s some xkit extension that automatically does it, but yeah it’s weird most of the time

yeah, i thought that was it, but if i used it i would just delete the tags that were inappropriate to my post, because why

why would you tag your reblog of my gif “done making gifs i’m off to get burger king now” THAT IS A LIE I’M THE ONE GETTING BURGER KING