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were you freezing? because that seems hella cold and uncomfortable.

it wasn’t bad for the first minute, iirc; i was used to falling, after all

the next nine went downhill rapidly

i became really quite irritable and tended to hit people with my axe backstage

katerhodia asked
Bucky always looks so sad (and hot) in Captain America 2. I just want to give him a hug and say that it's okay if he has amnesia, is really a senior citizen, and has a stupid robot arm. Poor guy!

i wanted to cheer him up more vigorously than hugging, but i was afraid i’d break his hip

wearitcounts replied to your post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WIFE WEARITCOUNTS…

did i find the sherlocked-development oh god i don’t rememberrrrrr

i made the terrible balboa bay window cover!

also i have a second terrible sherlocked photoshop in the works i haven’t finished yet

katerhodia asked
I'm slowly moving up through ice skating lessons and was thinking it might be time to upgrade from my beginner skates to something fancier. It doesn't have to be the serious competition, separate-boot-and-blade kit though. Is there a class of skates in between, and won't cost like, $5000?

hmm, anything in the learn-to-skate section there at rainbo should probably do you fine depending on how often/hard you skate! I think those riedells are the ones i had

there really should be more of a middling class of skates, though, i jumped too soon from those to a billion-dollar pair sp teri’s that were way too good for me and i swear i’m still breaking them in to this day, i’m pretty sure i’ve permanently malformed my feet

blah blah family, but i’m not gonna lie, the best part of going home next week

shopping with my sisters

I don’t think Ben [Cumberbatch] or Daniel Craig are asked that. I think it stems from my so-called perceived approachability. And it is totally f***ing perceived. I come across as a half-decent person and not very pretentious. I’m a good actor; I can pretend. Look,” he says, calming down a bit, “I’m angry and defensive about everything. It just drives me slightly bananas because I know how hard I work. Tim is nothing like Bilbo Baggins either. People tend to think, ‘Oh, you’re just doing what you do.’ It’s a) insulting, b) f***ing bulls***, and c) I’d invite any other f***er to try to do it.

Martin Freeman on comparisons of his characters

I’m so glad he’s finally said something on this. I hate it when people compare his characters as the “every-man”. He’s a brilliant actor and saying that demeans his work. (via hogwartsisongallifrey)

is it demeaning, though?

i mean, yes, it’s silly to think he is his characters, the same as it would be to think that an actor who tends to play villains is actually evil or that sean bean is actually dead, but pointing out that he is obscenely talented in pulling out the common thread of humanity in characters that are on the surface nothing alike is not what i would call demeaning

in the same sense that comedy is more difficult than tragedy; the “everyman” is more difficult than the ridiculous and bombastic because people know what feels authentic - we ARE the everyman, we ARE the people with the shitty office jobs and the ones who wouldn’t know what the fuck to do with ourselves on a big adventure and the ones who would be standing there dumbfounded while the supergenius detective rattles off deductions at a mile a minute, we don’t demand authenticity out of batman because nobody in real fucking life is batman

so i personally feel sort of demeaned if when i say “you play a person i understand,” you hear “i’m stupid and i don’t understand what you do”