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residentbunburyist replied to your post “sooo the diagnosis at present is cis demyelinating disease at risk of…”

well, I’m glad for you that they’re finally getting to the bottom of this so that you can get meds that should actually help. :)

oultremerindigo replied to your post “sooo the diagnosis at present is cis demyelinating disease at risk of…”

Your fighting spirit shines through everything you write. I KNOW this won’t break you. Just hold on tight.

amphigoricsymphony replied to your post “sooo the diagnosis at present is cis demyelinating disease at risk of…”

All the hugs though

thank you guys so much for the support, i <3 you!

i really am feeling okay about this, because it actually makes some issues i’ve been having for years make a lot more sense, and thanks to my age and treatment there’s no reason it should get significantly worse for a long time, if ever, so it’s probably the best outcome i could have hoped for

sooo the diagnosis at present is cis demyelinating disease at risk of multiple sclerosis - meaning “we don’t feel like diagnosing this as ms at the present, but we’re going to treat it exactly like ms because you’re probably getting it”

i’m getting daily injectables delivered to me in a cooler and everything

my doctor was like, “we have counselors if you want to talk to someone…but you seem…okay with this?”

cause i was just like

every other day i have to stop myself making another blog to cross over sherlock with sunny just so i can make “mycroft is asshole. why sherlock hate?”

"answer: because mycroft is a bastard man"

my dad’s so excited he got verified on twitter

he just called me and went “ARE YOU VERIFIED, HUH?”“

i was like “daddy, i’m not even on twitter” and he was like “YEAH I THOUGHT NOT, UNVERIFIED”

guixonlove replied to your post: you know what, big old shoutout to peo…

That banana stand post made me laugh so hard my husband thought something was wrong with me. I love you and your blogs!

aw, thank you! but no, all credit to residentbunburyist for that one, she sent me the idea, i just cackled like a lunatic while making it

and at the tags on it

i was basically crying at “i looked for an explanation but there wasn’t one…” like, i’m picturing this person reading through that particular gifset with zero context, thinking there will be an explanation at the end, and there wasn’t one, and then they must have said, “whatever, i’ll put this on my blog anyway”

you know what, big old shoutout to people who do not watch arrested development, and in some cases do not even realize it’s a crossover, but continue to reblog sherlocked development anyway

because you must think i huff glue behind the ace hardware in my spare time, but you promote me just in case someone else might like it

you are the backbone of fandom

in other news, the pharmaceutical company that packages my migraine pills in these individual aluminum blister packs that you need a can opener and a swiss army knife to open can burn in hell

because when a person is in blinding pain and can’t really see or operate their limbs, that’s when you hand them a pair of scissors and that pesky clamshell package and say “hey can you get this for me”

Anonymous asked
Sorry if I misunderstood your Firefox post, but you might want to try installing the "Session Manager" extension, which you can set up to make automatic backups of your browser state. It's not perfect, but in my experience it works better than Firefox's native "restore tabs" feature.

it’s probably too late for my last session, but actually, thank you, that is helpful to know for the future!